n. doğruluk, gerçek, hak, düzen, sağ, sağ taraf
* * *
1. hak 2. sağ
* * *
1. adjective
1) (on or related to the side of the body which in most people has the more skilful hand, or to the side of a person or thing which is toward the east when that person or thing is facing north (opposite to left): When I'm writing, I hold my pen in my right hand.) sağ
2) (correct: Put that book back in the right place; Is that the right answer to the question?) doğru
3) (morally correct; good: It's not right to let thieves keep what they have stolen.) doğru, dürüst
4) (suitable; appropriate: He's not the right man for this job; When would be the right time to ask him?) uygun, münasip
2. noun
1) (something a person is, or ought to be, allowed to have, do etc: Everyone has the right to a fair trial; You must fight for your rights; You have no right to say that.) hak
2) (that which is correct or good: Who's in the right in this argument?) doğruluk, dürüstlük
3) (the right side, part or direction: Turn to the right; Take the second road on the right.) sağ taraf, yön
4) (in politics, the people, group, party or parties holding the more traditional beliefs etc.) sağcılar, sağ kanat
3. adverb
1) (exactly: He was standing right here.) tam
2) (immediately: I'll go right after lunch; I'll come right down.) derhal, hemen
3) (close: He was standing right beside me.) hemen, tam
4) (completely; all the way: The bullet went right through his arm.) tam, taa
5) (to the right: Turn right.) sağa doğru
6) (correctly: Have I done that right?; I don't think this sum is going to turn out right.) doğru olarak
4. verb
1) (to bring back to the correct, usually upright, position: The boat tipped over, but righted itself again.) doğrul(t)mak, düzel(t)mek
2) (to put an end to and make up for something wrong that has been done: He's like a medieval knight, going about the country looking for wrongs to right.) gidermek, düzeltmek
5. interjection
(I understand; I'll do what you say etc: `I want you to type some letters for me.' `Right, I'll do them now.') Tamam; Olur; Peki
- righteously
- righteousness
- rightful
- rightfully
- rightly
- rightness
- righto, right-oh
- rights
- right angle
- right-angled
- right-hand
- right-handed
- right wing
6. adjective
((right-wing) (having opinions which are) of this sort.) sağcı
- by rights
- by right
- get, keep on the right side of
- get right
- go right
- not in one's right mind, not quite right in the head
- not in one's right mind, not right in the head
- put right
- put/set to rights
- right away
- right-hand man
- right now
- right of way
- serve right

English-Turkish dictionary. 2013.

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